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Breast Augmentation

“As their doctor, I certainly let them know what their options are and what can and cannot be accomplished, but I want my patients take an active role in the decision-making process.”  - Dr. Gregory Wittpenn



What it is:

Enhancing asymmetric or naturally small breasts with breast augmentation using saline, silicone or gummy bear breast implants is ideal for women who want a larger bust and shaplier figure. Breast implants can also help correct deflated post-pregnancy breasts and breast deformities, such as tuberous breasts, when performed with a breast lift or other surgical techniques. In addition, breast implants may be used during breast reconstruction after mastectomy or corrective breast augmentation revision surgery.


Who it's for:

Patients who are fully developed, at least 18 years old and want increase the size or improve the shape of their breasts may seek breast augmentation. During your breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Wittpenn will discuss your cosmetic breast enhancement goals and evaluate your health and medical history before determining whether breast implants are the best option for you. It is important that breast augmentation patients do not smoke or have quit smoking for at least 6 weeks before undergoing surgery and have adequate time to recover after the procedure.


How it works:

Before your surgery, Dr. Wittpenn will talk with you about your cosmetic breast enhancement goals and help you select the right breast implant size, shape, profile and texture to achieve those goals. During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants filled with saline, silicone or cohesive gel will be placed either above or below your chest muscles through incisions made in your breast fold (inframammary), around your areola (periareolar) or in your underarms (transaxillary).

Breast augmentation recovery usually lasts 5-7 days before patients can return to work. When breast implants are placed under the chest muscles (submuscular), recovery time and discomfort may be slightly increased than with implants placed above the muscle (subglandular), although submuscular implant placement typically results in a more natural look. Exercise and strenuous activity may be resumed in 3-6 weeks after surgery depending on your individual needs, and your final breast augmentation results should start to take shape within 3-6 months.



If you're considering breast augmentation:

Contact New Horizons Plastic Surgery at (936) 564-3744 if you're considering breast implants or have questions about the breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Wittpenn is an expert Nacogdoches breast augmentation surgeon serving patients throughout eastern Texas and western Louisiana, including residents of Lufkin, Huntsville, Tyler and Shreveport.

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