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Breast Reconstruction

Many breast cancer patients must undergo mastectomy, or removal of one or both breasts, in order to effectively rid their bodies of cancerous tissue. Advances in modern technology and medicine have enabled plastic surgeons to reconstruct natural-looking breasts after mastectomy using a variety of breast reconstruction techniques.

Who Is a Candidate for Breast Reconstruction?

Breast cancer survivors who have had one or both breasts removed often seek breast reconstruction to restore their natural upper body contours and correct disfigurement caused by mastectomy. Some patients choose to have breast reconstruction immediately following mastectomy, while others choose to delay breast reconstruction for months or years. The method of breast reconstruction that’s right for you may depend on the amount of time that has elapsed between your mastectomy and reconstruction procedures, as well as the cancer treatments that you may still need to undergo after breast reconstruction.

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What Is Involved in Breast Reconstruction Treatment?

During your consultation, Dr. Wittpenn will help you explore your breast reconstruction options, which may include any of the following procedures:

TRAM flap breast reconstruction involves moving skin, muscle and fat tissues from the abdomen through the breast area along with blood vessels and nerves, which are tunneled through the abdomen to the breast reconstruction site. Latissimus dorsi flap breast reconstruction also involves moving tissues from the back to the reconstruction site, however in this case, the transferred tissues in addition to breast implants may be needed. Tissue expansion using breast implants that are gradually inflated to expand the skin at the reconstruction site is a commonly performed breast reconstruction procedure as well.

Flap surgeries generally require more recovery time than breast reconstruction using implants. In all cases, breast reconstruction is a complex surgical procedure that may require multiple surgeries performed in stages to achieve the best aesthetic result.

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