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Reconstructive Surgery

Aging, disease, illness and birth defects can all create physical problems that make normal body functions difficult or impossible. Physical deformities can also affect physical appearance, causing insecurities and other emotional problems that prevent children and adults alike from experiencing a healthy, happy life. That’s why more than one million patients seek reconstructive surgery each year to correct physical deformities that commonly affect the following areas: Breasts, Face, Hands, Skin.

Cancer patients who need surgery to prevent the spread of cancerous cells often seek reconstructive procedures to help restore their physical appearance after cancer treatment. Patients who require mastectomy, or breast removal, as part of their cancer treatment often seek breast reconstruction as part of their breast cancer recovery, while skin cancer patients may seek skin cancer surgery designed to preserve the most natural tissue as possible or seek scar revision after cancer excision.

Hand surgery can be performed on patients who have webbed, fused, extra or missing fingers, as well as those who suffer from hand and wrist problems caused by carpal tunnel syndrome or rheumatoid arthritis, in order to restore natural hand functionality and alleviate pain.

Reconstructive surgery can also benefit patients with superficial problems, such as earlobe repair for stretched or torn earlobes, as well as patients with more serious structural deformities, such as cleft lip and cleft palate deformities that cause speech and breathing problems. Skin trauma and injuries like burn wounds can also be addressed using reconstructive techniques like tissue expansion.

If you were born with a physical deformity or experienced physical trauma due to accident, aging or illness that left you with functional and cosmetic concerns, talk to board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gregory Wittpenn about solutions. Vast improvements in both form and function are possible with reconstructive surgery on nearly any area of the face or body, so schedule a consultation with New Horizons Plastic Surgery at (936) 564-3744 to review your options. Dr. Wittpenn proudly serves reconstructive surgery patients from all over eastern Texas, including Longview, Lufkin and Tyler, as well as Shreveport, Louisiana.