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Corrective Breast Augmentation

Corrective breast augmentation, or breast augmentation revision, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to redo poor or unsatisfactory breast augmentation results. This may include increasing or decreasing breast implant size, changing breast implant placement or correcting breast implant problems such as implant rupture or deflation, implant migration toward the breastbone (symmastia) or capsular contracture (scar tissue shrinkage).

Who Is a Candidate for Corrective Breast Augmentation?

Any breast augmentation patient who wishes to adjust the size of their breast implants or correct breast implant complications may seek corrective breast augmentation, however patients should generally wait at least 3-6 months before having revision surgery unless there is an emergency situation such as bleeding problems or infection. As with an initial breast augmentation, corrective breast augmentation is appropriate for patients are least 18, in good physical and mental health and do not smoke for several weeks prior to surgery

What Is Involved in the Corrective Breast Augmentation Procedure?

During breast augmentation revision, patients are placed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation and the same incisions are re-opened so as not to create additional scarring. Revision surgery is often quite similar to the initial breast augmentation procedure, especially where simple implant replacement or exchange is concerned, however a few factors may potentially increase recovery time and discomfort after corrective breast augmentation.

Moving implants from a subglandular (over the pectoral muscles) to a submuscular (under the pectoral muscles) placement can cause a more painful and slightly longer recovery period. Complex breast augmentation complications can also be more difficult to correct and may require more extensive surgery and thus, a longer recovery period.

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