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Tummy Tuck

What it is:

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that helps get rid of loose skin and stretch marks on the abdomen by removing stretched, excess tissue and tightening the abdominal muscles. For patients who have a tummy bulge or "pooch" that persists despite dieting and exercise, tummy tuck surgery, or abdominoplasty, may be the best solution.


Who it's for:

Both men and women can benefit from an abdominoplasty, however the procedure is most commonly performed on women who want to improve the appearance of their stomach area after pregnancy. A tummy tuck may be performed with other procedures designed to restore body shape and contours after pregnancy as part of a mommy makeover or in conjunction with abdominal liposuction. Tummy tuck patients should be non-smokers in good health and at a stable body weight. Having a tummy tuck will not interfere with a woman's ability to get pregnant, but pregnancy can generally ruin abdominoplasty results, so you should also be done having children before seeking a tummy tuck.


How it works:

After placing you under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation, Dr. Wittpenn will spend 2-5 hours performing tummy tuck surgery. Incisions will be placed from hip to hip along your bikini line so that loose skin and other tissues can be pulled down and removed, as well as around your belly button, which is reconstructed after your abdominal skin is pulled down. Stretch marks on the lower abdomen will be eliminated when extra skin is removed, although tummy tuck surgery does not address upper adominal stretch marks. The underlying muscle tissues will also be tightened during the procedure, and umbilical hernia can also be corrected.

Tummy tuck recovery typically takes about two weeks, after which time most patients are able to stand upright and resume normal daily activity. Exercise may be resumed in 4-6 weeks and most patients will feel completely back to normal in 2-3 months. Scars continue to fade for 6-12 months after surgery.


If you're considering a tummy tuck:

Contact New Horizons Plastic Surgery at (936) 564-3744 if you're considering a tummy tuck or have questions about the abdominoplasty procedure. Dr. Wittpenn is an expert Nacogdoches tummy tuck surgeon serving patients throughout eastern Texas and western Louisiana, including residents of Lufkin, Huntsville, Tyler and Shreveport.

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